High Tech CO

High Tech CO has a resolute and innovative character.

The visual impact is immediately appealing due to its sporty and futuristic look. Its large logo is engraved in black smoke color on both sides of the receiver, under clear varnish, in contrast to the rest of the receiver. The hinge pins are engraved with a checkered design. The High Tech’s rib, forearm and stock also demonstrate a modern design motif.

Data sheet

Gauge: 12

Barrel length and chokes:
Single Barrel - 32" - 34" - 35" - Full choke or on request or with interchangeable chokes
Over under barrel - 29 1/2" - 31 1/2" - 34" - IM-Full choke or on request or with interchangeable chokes

Rib and side ribs:
Over under barrel: ramped, tapered 7/16"x 9/32" or reverse tapered 9/32"x 3/8, ventilated side ribs
Single Barre:  ramped, tapered 7/16" x  9/32" or reverse tapered 9/32"x3/8"

Trigger group:
Removable with flat or coil springs and selector

Stock and forend:
HT design,  custom made stock - Beavertail forend

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