High Tech 2024

Just as the symbol of the rising sun inspired the HT 2020, the new Perazzi HT continues this theme and is projected into the future.
The HT 2024 shatters the boundaries of modern aesthetics and provokes an explosion of unique concepts that are exhibited and engraved on the steel as vibrant textures.
The five color segments of a single circle now connects the essence of the five continents, exhibiting a harmonious symphony of diversity and Olympic excellence.
The New HT 2024 is the embodiement of infinite challenge.

High Tech 2024 primo piano bascula
High Tech 2024 petto bascula
High Tech 2024 intero
Data sheet

Gauge: 12, 20

Barrel length and chokes:
27 9/16" - 28 3/8" - 29 ½" - 30 ¾" -31 ½" (or on customers demand) 8 and 10/10 (or on demand or with interchangeable chokes)

Rib and side ribs:
Flat-Ramped-Stepped 9/32" x 3/8"

Trigger group:
Removable with coil or flat springs

Stock and forend:
HT design, standard  or custom  or adjustable - Forend HT design