High Tech 2020

The project was carried out with over 600 hours of work by a team of 20 people made up of designers, engravers and technicians guided by the experience, class and inventiveness of Mauro Perazzi. The result is a shotgun that literally destroys every scheme already formulated by the national and international gunmaking tradition.

High Tech 2020 sopra

A combination of symbolic references of modern and innovative aesthetic solutions and a series of technical features make the new Perazzi model a futuristic shotgun. A play of con-trasts arises from mirrors, chiaroscuro, reliefs and base-reliefs, lights and shadows, instantly capturing the eyes of those who find themselves for the first time in front of this specimen of non-conformism that has enhanced the uniqueness of our products.

White Model
High Tech 2020 Dark Model

If the play of contrasts between glossy and satin, reliefs and base-reliefs, lights and shadows made the HT 2020 success, its natural opposite could only be the twin in a dark version that closes the circle of Yin and Yang and of dualistic symbology existing in every element of the universe.

Dark Model
High Tech 2020 White Model

Dark enhances the modernity of this shotgun projected into the future at high speed and dedicated to Tokyo, not only the city of the next Olympic Games but also the capital of the country of the rising sun. The Dark Edition creates a sort of solar eclipse and that mysterious state of penumbra where what happens, at times, is secret and therefore irresistible. The rising sun, represented with a red circle in subtle relief on the receiver chest of both models, stands out more decisively in this dark proposal which immediately registered an explosion.